removing, rebuilding & reinstalling your transmission

Diagnostic Service


Automatic Transmission


Manual Transmission


Fluid Change Maintenance

4-Wheel Drive (4x4)


    The price may include a free tow to the shop, labor, parts, and
 a complete rebuild kit, which includes all your clutches, springs, 
gaskets, o-rings, reseal kit.  Most transmissions have some hard part damage, but there’s no way to tell until we  remove the transmission,& get it torn apart to see exactly what’s wrong with it.Sometime the problem may not be your transmission.

    It’s important to understand that sometimes the problem may be in your valve body or solenoid switches, or just a broken wire, or possibly a bad computer that controls the transmission. These 

repairs are relatively inexpensive, usually between $200 and $400. Before we fix your car ,we will let you know what is the problem of your vehicle and the best way to take care of it.You will be charged accordingly.