Dear Joe

I am writing this testimonial because I am very pleased with the transmission service you have provided to myself, my family members and friends over the past ten years. You do very good job and do not charge me a diagnostic fee for your service. This impressed me very much, others would have charged me who knows how much. Thank you so much .

                                                                                                               Critchlow Ahmad    07/05/1978

Dear Joe

I am so excited about your job. You saved me $1200 on my car. I have never felt something wrong about my transmission these years.I just trust you a lot. I am so glad that my friend recommended you to me. I have never worried about my car since I met you . Thank you .

                                                                                                                James Syluester     05/18/1987

Hi My friend

Thank you for your being nice to me and my family. I know it was very hard to find the computer of my car.Fortunately you made it for me but I was so surprised about the price. A lot lower than somebody told me. God bless you ,such a nice guy.

                                                                                                                  Grace Wang         07/19/2008

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone can see this message.I am so happy to recommend Joe to you guys. He has been our neighbour for 30 years and been nice to everyone. My car's body was damaged badly in an accident (Thanks God,I was fine).The whole front collapsed in.I felt free to bring my car to his shop. He did such a good job.My car just looked stunning,shining,nothing different from before .That is Joe! He does good job and charges less than anybody else. Go to his shop you will be happy like me.

                                                                                                             Jessica   Wolfert      11/18/2014