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The HiMiles Transmissions/Engine Experts
___since 1978  
         100%Free Multi-Check (computer
scan,road test,lift check);Free Towing ( with major repair)                       

36 months and 36000 miles warranty available


Lower price than dealers and franchises,Better


quality than them because of the savings used  for training and



       Our transmission specialist will find out what kind of problem of your transmission has and the best way to take care of the problem. So we can advise you how to proceed with the repair. Sometime the problem may not be your transmission. It’s important to understand that sometimes the problem may be in your valve body or solenoid switches, or just a broken wire, or possibly a bad computer that controls the transmission. These repairs are relatively inexpensive, usually between $200 and $400. Before we fix your car we will let you know what is the problem of it and the best way to take care of your vehicle with our repair service. We will replace only the parts needed to correct the problem and save your money. HI MILES prides itself on employing a highly trained staff of auto repair specialists who ensure that every car is returned to the customer in the best condition possible. 
       Our shop equipped with the latest technology required to repair today's complex vehicles. Our technicians and staff are continually trained in the latest methods required in the automotive repair industry. HI MILES meets and surpasses the highest standards in quality transmission and engine repair work. Furthermore, we adhere to a strict code of ethics that is part of our pledge to you of honesty, integrity and safety.Authorized by 20 National Insurance Companies as a direct repair shop,HI MILES takes every single repair seriously, no matter how big or small the damage may be.    
           Interest Free Financing ,6 months interest free.    
                VOTED  NO.2 of ALL Transmission Shops in The Bronx NY